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0) PHD thesis (from 01-10-1996 to 15-03-1999): Coupled Landau Damping of Transverse Coherent Instabilities in Particle Accelerators (on CERN CDS: CERN-THESIS-1999-074) + Paper published in Particle Accelerators, Vol. 62, pp. 259-276 (Received 3 June 1998; In final form 28 July 1998): Theory of Coupled Landau Damping + CERN-PS seminar on 12-04-2000: Stabilising Intense Beams by Linear Coupling + Appendix

I) CERN Summer Student Lectures on Accelerators (5 h together with Simone Gilardoni):

2006: ppt

2007: ppt

2008: ppt and pdf

2009: ppt

1/5 and 5/5 from Simone Gilardoni => His lectures

II) PBL (Problem-Based Learning) scenario for Accelerator Physics, Lund University, Sweden, March 19-23, 2007. This was prepared in collaboration with Mats Lindroos and Torsten Akesson:

- PBL scenario and summary

- Seminar at MAX-lab: Overview of the LHC and its Injector Chain

III) USPAS course on "Collective Effects in Beam Dynamics" in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, June 22-26, 2009. It was a one-week course given together with Giovanni Rumolo:

Program of the week & Class picture

1st part: Elias Metral


Space charge

Envelope equations

Wake fields and impedances

Coasting-beam transverse coherent instabilities

Bunched-beam transverse coherent instabilities


- Movie_PhaseSpaceEllipseNearPSTransition_UnderWindowsOnly

- Movie_WakeFieldSimulationOfaCollimatorByCST

- Movie_HTPhaseShiftInTheSPS_UnderWindowsOnly

- Movie_SPSFastSBInstability_UnderWindowsOnly

- Movie_CBInstabilityInTheSPS_UnderWindowsOnly

Tutorials 1

Tutorials 2


2nd part: Giovanni Rumolo => His lectures

IV) CERN OP Shutdown Lectures

2001: The LHC Nominal proton Beam in the PSB and PS Machines

2002: The LHC Proton Beam

2007: Operation of the LHC beams in the SPS

V) CERN Accelerator School (CAS)

2009: Intermediate Accelerator Physics Course at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, October 2-3

- Longitudinal Instabilities: ppt and pdf

- Transverse Instabilities: ppt and pdf

2015: Topical Course on Intensity Limitations in Particle Beams, CERN, 2-11 November (See all the proceedings)

- (Some) effects near transition: lecture(ppt), Handout(ppt), Handout(pdf), Handout_With2SlidesPerPage(pdf)

VI) Joint Universities Accelerator School (JUAS). Co-director in 2014 of JUAS which belongs to ESI

2000 and 2001: Assistant for the course on transverse beam dynamics (given by Michel Martini) and longitudinal beam dynamics (given by Louis Rinolfi).

2011: Longitudinal Beam Dynamics (course, exercises, Exam, CorrectionOfTheExam)

2012: Longitudinal Beam Dynamics (course, course with 4 pages per slide, exercises, Exam, CorrectionOfTheExam)

2013: Longitudinal Beam Dynamics (course, course with 4 pages per slide, exercises, Exam, CorrectionOfTheExam)

2014 (with Elena Benedetto): Longitudinal Beam Dynamics (course, course with 4 pages per slide, exercises, Exam, CorrectionOfTheExam). The exam and the corrections were done by Elena Benedetto

2015 (with Elena Benedetto): Longitudinal Beam Dynamics (course, course with 4 pages per slide, exercises, Plot of the longitudinal separatrix and some particle trajectories, Exam, CorrectionOfTheExam). The exam and the corrections were done by Elena Benedetto

2016 (with Benoit Salvant): Longitudinal Beam Dynamics (course, course with 4 pages per slide, exercises, pyHEADTAILsimulations_BenoitSalvant (with some ipython scripts), Exam, CorrectionOfTheExam)

2017 (with Benoit Salvant): Longitudinal Beam Dynamics (ppt course with movies, pdf course with 4 pages per slide, exercises, pyHEADTAILsimulations_BenoitSalvant: 1, 2, 3 and 4, Exam, CorrectionOfTheExam)

2018 (with Benoit Salvant): Longitudinal Beam Dynamics (lecture, handout, exercises, pyHEADTAILsimulations_BenoitSalvant, Exam, CorrectionOfTheExam)

VII) Training-week in Accelerator Physics (Lund University, May 27-31, 2013). Class pictures: 1 and 2

- Introduction

- Luminosity: course and exercises

- Transverse Beam Dynamics: course and exercises. Physical explanation of the "adiabatic damping"

- Tutorial on MAD-X => Input files for SPS machine in 2008: sps2008.ele, sps2008.seq, elements.str, ft_qs_ext_2008.str, CNGS_extraction.beamx, twiss.cmdx and general.madx

- Longitudinal Beam Dynamics: course and exercises

- Collective effects: course and exercises

- Exam and CorrectionOfTheExam (with the required plots and MADX input files (in .txt and not .mad): thin and thick)

VIII) 8h seminar on Beam Instabilities in Circular Particle Accelerators (La Sapienza university, Rome, 2017) => Slides also available on CERN CDS

- Similar seminar in 2018: ppt and pdf => 2 "new" Vlasov solvers (GALAC-TIC and GALAC-LIC) discussed

IX) Overview of Collective Effects

- Overview of Single-Beam Coherent Instabilities in Circular Accelerators (1st CARE-HHH-APD workshop on Beam Dynamics in Future Hadron Colliders and Rapidly Cycling High-Intensity Synchrotrons, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, 8-11 November, 2004): Talk and Paper

- Overview of Impedance and Single-Beam Instability Mechanisms (PAC 2005, Knoxville, USA, May 16-20, 2005): Talk (underWindows) and Paper

- Collective effects in the LHC and its injectors (IPAC 2012, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA): Talk and Paper

X) PS complex & SPS Machine Development (MDs) coordination

- Main web page

- 2010 MD planning and follow-up during the year (reported at the MSWG)

- 2009 MD planning and follow-up during the year (reported at the APC and then at the MSWG)

- 2008 MD planning and follow-up during the year (reported at the APC)

- 2007 MD planning and follow-up during the year (reported at the APC)

XI) Machine coordination: PS and SPS

XII) Impedances web pages




- PS

XIII) Beam Loss and Radiation Working Group:

- BLRWG web site

- Beam Loss and Radiation in the PS and SPS (CERN-GSI bi-lateral working meeting on Collective Effects Coordination of Theory and Experiments, GSI, 30-31/03/06)

XIV) 50th anniversary of the CERN Proton Synchrotron

- Web page

- Transition crossing (can also be found in Volume I of "Fifty years of the CERN Proton Synchrotron":

XV) Some useful links

XVI) Working group to study the feasibility of installing a Crab Cavity in the SPS: CCinS

XVII) Sections of the BE/ABP group:

- ICE (Impedance and Collective Effects) from July 2010 to December 2013

- HSC (Hadron Synchrotron Collective effects) as of January 2014

- HSC (Hadron Synchrotron Coherent effects) as of January 2016

XVIII) Handbook for Elementary Particles, Chapter 4 on Impedance and Collective Effects (with Giovanni Rumolo, Sections 5 and 7, and Werner Herr, Section 7)

- Final version of Chapter 4: pdf and doc

XIX) Supervision of trainees and PHD students:

- Hubert Medina (6-month trainee, 2007): ZBASE3 : la nouvelle base de donnees de l'impedance des accelerateurs du CERN => Report + Talk

- Benoit Salvant (PHD, 2010): Impedance model of the CERN SPS and aspects of LHC single-bunch stability

- Raymond Wasef (5-month trainee, 2011): HEADTAIL simulation studies of Landau damping through octupoles in the LHC => Report + Talk

- Nicolas Mounet (PHD, 2012): The LHC transverse coupled-bunch instability

- Hugo Day (PHD, 2013): Measurements and Simulations of Impedance Reduction Techniques in Particle Accelerators

- Daria Astapovych (oPAC fellow, 2013-2015).

XX) Some space charge studies in the CERN PS and SPS machines:

- Observation of octupole driven resonance phenomena with space charge at the CERN Proton Synchrotron (COULOMB05, Senigallia (AN), Italy, September 12-16, 2005) + paper

- Space charge experiments and benchmarking in the PS (LIS meeting, 02/04/2007)

- Achievable space-charge tune shift with long lifetime in the CERN PS & SPS (HB2008 workshop, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, August 25-29, 2008): slides in pdf (and ppt) + paper

XXI) Some (other) interesting talks&papers: List

XXII) Member of the ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel (2011)

- Web site

- Newsletters

- Issue editor: ICFA BD NL#58 (docx and pdf), August 2012, devoted to "Prospect for future electron-hadron colliders". Official release.

- Issue editor: ICFA BD NL#69, December 2016, devoted to "Collective Effects in Particle Accelerators". Official release.

XXIII) Task leader of Task 2.4 (Collective effects studies) of WP2 (Accelerator physics) of the HL-LHC project

- Preparation of the 1st general HL-LHC meeting (EM, 11-11-2011)

- Impedance and beam stability lessons learned from the 2010-2011 operation of the LHC and their implications for the HL-LHC project (EM, 1st HiLumi LHC/LARP Collaboration meeting, CERN, 17-11-2011). See also some more analyses done on the LHC longitudinal power spectra (23-11-2011): TheoreticalPowerSpectraComparison_LHCbunch(EM)

- SharePoint site

- Task 2.4 other infos

- Article for the High Luminosity LHC Book => Impedance and component heating (chapter 15).

XXIV) Task 2.7 (Intensity limitation from existing LHC hardware) of WP2 (Accelerator physics) of the HL-LHC project => Task leader as of September 2014

- SharePoint site

XXV) Task Force on LHC RF fingers: LRFF

XXVI) Convener for WG-A (Beam dynamics in high-intensity circular machines) of the ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on High-Intensity and High-Brightness Hadron Beams

- HB2008, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, August 25 to 29, 2008 => summary: paper + slides. All proceedings by session

- HB2010, Morschach, Switzerland, September 27 to October 1, 2010 => summary: paper + slides. All the proceedings by session

- HB2012, Beijing, China, September 17 to 21, 2012 => summary: paper + slides. All the proceedings by session

XXVII) Seminars:

- Seminar on "The CERN LHC: the Higgs Boson discovery machine" (resumé en français) at the PEIRESC Planetarium of Aix en Provence (France) on 12/10/2013 (with two other talks from Richard Jacobsson and Stephane Basa) => See flyer and the 3 presentations.

- Seminar on "Impedance studies for LHC and upgrades" at TU Darmstadt on 02/12/2013.

- Seminar on "Overview of LHC performance linked to collective effects" at LBNL (Berkeley) on 23/05/2016

- Seminar on "Au delà du Boson de Higgs" at the PEIRESC Planetarium of Aix en Provence (France) on 26/05/2016 (with Richard Jacobsson: his talk).

XXVIII) BE Career Path Changes

XXIX) Co-chair of the ICFA mini-workshop on "Beam-Beam Effects in Hadron Colliders (BB2013)", 18-22/03/2013, CERN

XXX) Co-chair of the ICFA mini-workshop on "Electromagnetic wake fields and impedances in particle accelerators", 24-28/04/2014, Erice, Sicily

XXXI) Deputy chairman (as of October 2014) of the LBOC (LHC Beam Operation Committee)

XXXII) Article on "Beam Instabilities in Hadron Synchrotrons" for a special edition of the IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science (TNS) for the 50th Anniversary of the PAC.